Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

According to the World Health Organization, the death toll could be eight times higher in the middle of the disaster, adding to the hardships of the cold weather.

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Ankara: Earthquake shocks have been felt again in Turkey today and the ground shook for the fourth time in 24 hours. The magnitude of the earthquake has been recorded at 5.6. Three consecutive powerful earthquakes of magnitude 7.8, 7.6 and 6.0 occurred in Turkey on Monday. There, strong tremors were also felt in Syria, Israel and Lebanon.

The earthquake has caused great destruction in Turkey and Syria. So far more than 4300 people have lost their lives. More than 20 thousand people are injured. Several people are buried under the debris of the buildings, and the work of evacuating them is going on. With the rescue operation, the death toll is also increasing rapidly. Israel and Lebanon were also badly affected by the earthquake. More than 1700 buildings in 10 cities have been damaged. Meanwhile, at least 783 people were killed and 639 injured in Syria alone.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of deaths in the middle of a disaster can be eight times higher. The number of injured will also increase rapidly. The WHO said that the number of dead and injured in earthquakes tends to increase rapidly over time. WHO also issued a warning to those who were displaced by the earthquake. He said that the problems of such people may increase due to cold.

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