Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

BJP-supporting woman lawyer appointed as judge of Madras High Court

Lahore (From TB) An important appointment has come to light in India due to which a new controversy has arisen. This appointment is not of any political position or ministry, but of a judge. BJP-supporting woman lawyer Lakshmana Chandra Victoria Gowri (Lekshmana Chandra Victoria Gowri) has been appointed as a judge of the Madras High Court, on which minorities are very angry because Victoria Gowri is famous for making statements against minorities.

Victoria Gowri has been sworn in as a judge of the Madras High Court, while her appointment was challenged in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court remarked during the hearing that the candidate who has been selected is an Additional Judge and there have been cases where people have not been appointed permanently in case of unsatisfactory performance. We do not think we would be in a position to say that it is a question of competence and secondly that we cannot direct the collegium.

A petition was filed by senior advocate Raju Ramachandran against the appointment of L Victoria Gowri as a judge of the Madras High Court. His appointment has taken a controversial turn after reports surfaced about his alleged affiliation with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

During the hearing on Tuesday, Ramachandran Mujaal argued that the swearing-in of Madras High Court judges should not take place when the CJI has said the collegium is still considering it.

During the hearing, the Supreme Court remarked that this is not the first time that a person with a political background has been selected as a High Court judge. The Supreme Court also said that it would not entertain the writ petition.

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