Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

America’s claim to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon, how many spy balloons before…

Washington (Monitoring Desk) In the past few days, the United States shot down a Chinese spy balloon, in the wake of this extraordinary incident, an American general has admitted the great failure of the United States. According to the Express Tribune, this senior American general has said that in the past, China’s spy balloons kept coming into the airspace of the United States, but the United States failed to track them.

The American general said that during the administration of former American President Donald Trump, Chinese spy balloons came into the airspace of the United States at least three times, while a balloon was also seen during the administration of President Joe Biden.

US North American Aerospace Defense Command and Northern Command General Glenn Van Hurk has said that the recently shot down spy balloon was 200 feet long and had a payload weighing 2,000 pounds. The balloon was flying at an altitude of 60,000 feet. It was tracked down and shot down by a missile after two days of surveillance.

When the balloon was tracked, it was over the population, so it was awaited to move away from the population to avoid damage from falling debris. After being shot down, the wreckage of the balloon fell into the ocean off the coast of the US state of Carolina, which has since been recovered.

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