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23 million people are likely to be affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, WHO…

GENEVA (Daily Pakistan Online) Senior World Health Organization (WHO) officials said on Tuesday that humanitarian aid is urgently needed in Syria after a major earthquake killed thousands in Syria and southern Turkey. Two to three million people are likely to be affected by the earthquake in both countries.

WHO Senior Emergencies Officer Adelheid Marschang said Turkey has a strong capacity to respond to the crisis, but that critical aid needs in the immediate and medium term will lie across the border in Syria, which is already suffering from years of humanitarian crisis. It is in crisis. ‘Across Syria, needs are greatest after nearly 12 years of a long, complex crisis, while humanitarian aid continues to decline.’

He said that about 23 million people including 1.4 lakh children are likely to be affected. Humanitarian needs are greatest there and in southern Turkey after a massive earthquake killed thousands in Syria, senior WHO officials said on Tuesday.

The WHO said it was sending emergency supplies, including emergency surgical kits, and activating a network of emergency medical teams, according to news agency Reuters.

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