Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

How did America shoot down China’s “spy balloon”?

Washington (Monitoring Desk) The United States has shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon that entered the airspace of its state of South Carolina with a missile. According to India Times, this alleged spy balloon was flying at an altitude of about 60,000 feet.

According to US defense officials, on Wednesday US President Joe Biden, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin and military officials discussed shooting down the balloon, but at that time the balloon was above the population and there was fear of harming the people below, so the balloon was shot down. Waited for the right time to drop.

The balloon was detected by the US Department of Defense Pentagon two days ago and issued a red alert in this regard, after which the US Air Force planes surrounded the balloon. China also apologized to the US for this matter. and said that the balloon was owned by a private company engaged in climate change research.

A video of the US Army shooting down this balloon by F-22S has also surfaced. This video has been posted on the Twitter handle @sentdefender which is going viral fast. More than 8 lakh people have seen this video so far. In the video, the F-22S aircraft of the US Army can be seen targeting the balloon with a commissile.

The wreckage of this balloon fell into the sea, which is being recovered. It is said that the size of this balloon was equal to three school buses. It should be noted that due to this incident, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken has also postponed his visit to China. .

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