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Officials in Poland have said the birth rate in the EU member state has fallen to its lowest level since World War II. Last year, the population of Poland decreased by about one and a half million.

Poland: Birth rate at lowest level since World War II
Poland: Birth rate at lowest level since World War II


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The Central Statistical Institute of Poland said that last year, the number of new-born children in this Eastern European country was 27 thousand less than in 2021. In 2022, only 350,000 children were born in Poland.

This is a cause of concern for the country’s authorities because a total of 350,000 children were born in Poland last year, but at the same time 448,000 citizens died. Thus, a decrease of 141 thousand was recorded in the population of this European country, a neighbor of Germany, in 2022.

One of the largest countries in the European Union in terms of population

Poland is one of the 27 member states of the European Union, one of the Eastern European states included in the bloc, and it is one of the largest member states of the Union in terms of its total population.

The most populous country in the European Union is Germany, followed by countries such as France, Italy and Spain, as well as Poland, while many member states have a national population of just a few million. Such small countries include the three Baltic republics and countries like Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta.

According to the Polish Statistical Agency, the total population of Poland last year was slightly less than 37.8 million with a decrease of about one and a half million. The population of this country has been decreasing since 2013, which is still going on.

Government incentives regarding birth rate

Socially, Poland is a predominantly Catholic and Christian society, and the conservative ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) government is trying to do this with a range of benefits for ordinary citizens and strict abortion laws. That the decrease in the country’s population should be changed into an increase.

All such government efforts, however, have so far failed to materialize the government’s desire to increase the population.

According to the Polish opposition and domestic organizations working for women’s rights, the government tightened abortion laws two years ago, socially and to achieve the goal of increasing the country’s birth rate. Instead of benefit, there has been a reverse loss.

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