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“Putin assured me not to kill the Ukrainian president” Israel’s…

Tel Aviv (Daily Pakistan Online) Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin assured him in the early days of the Russia-Ukraine war that he would not kill Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. will do

According to Al-Arabiya, in a video posted on the former Israeli prime minister’s YouTube channel, he said that Putin had given him ‘two big concessions’ in their meeting in March last year, just a week after the invasion of Ukraine. Bennett met with Putin in Moscow on March 5, 2022 to mediate in the early days of the conflict, which is now in its 12th month.

“I knew that Zelensky was in danger and that he was in a bunker, I asked Putin, do you intend to kill Zelensky,” Bennett said. On this, he said, “I will not kill Zelenskiy.” According to Bennett, he asked Putin if he was speaking in this matter. To which Putin said “I will not kill Zelensky.”

According to Naftali Bennett, after coming out of a three-hour meeting with Putin, he called the Ukrainian president and said that Putin was not going to kill him, prompting Zelensky to ask if he was 100 percent sure of that. , which I convinced them. Two hours later, Zielinski released a picture of himself from his office saying, “I’m not afraid of anyone.”

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