Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

A second spy balloon has been spotted near Latin America after the US Secretary of State postponed a visit to Beijing due to a Chinese ‘spy balloon’ sighting.

Another Chinese 'spy balloon' spotted near Latin America, USA
Another Chinese ‘spy balloon’ spotted near Latin America, USA


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A second Chinese balloon was spotted at high altitude near Latin America, the Pentagon said. “Now we’re seeing another Chinese balloon flying over Latin America,” Pentagon spokesman Pete Ryder said. Now we can guess that it is a Chinese spy balloon.” He refused to divulge further details and did not even mention the location where the balloon was spotted.

The second balloon sighting came a day after US officials announced the presence of Chinese “spy balloons” over sensitive locations in Montana. After this incident, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken postponed his important visit to Beijing.

Blankenship said in a phone call to Chinese Foreign Ministry chief Wang Xi that sending a balloon into US airspace was an irresponsible act.

What did China say about the balloon?

China previously denied reports of the balloon, saying it was used to collect urban meteorological information but strayed from its path “due to strong winds and limited controllability”.

“China regrets that the balloon accidentally entered the United States due to unforeseen circumstances,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Beijing later alleged that US politicians and the media were taking advantage of the situation to smear China.

“China has always strictly adhered to international law and respected the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries,” the Chinese ministry added in its statement. Some US politicians urged the US military to target the Chinese balloons with warships. However, the US military refused to do so, saying that its debris could cause damage.

Emphasis on timely communication

Despite postponing the visit, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken said he wants to maintain diplomatic ties with China and is ready to visit Beijing “as soon as circumstances permit”.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Xi also said on Friday, “Despite the unforeseen circumstances, both sides need to remain calm and communicate in a timely manner to avoid any wrong decision and resolve differences.”

The spy balloon incident has dealt a fresh blow to already strained China-US relations, which have been frigid for years due to a number of issues.

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