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Protest against ban on women’s higher education in Afghanistan, lecturer…

Kabul (Web Desk) A university teacher who protested on television against the ban on women’s higher education by the Afghan Taliban was arrested and tortured. Prominent journalism lecturer Ismail Meshaal tore up his degrees and certificates on TV in December last year in protest against the Taliban authorities’ decision to ban higher education for women.

According to Dawn News, recently Ismail Mashal was seen offering books to the citizens he met on the way in Kabul. Farid Ahmed Fazli, a colleague of lecturer Ismail Mashal, said that the Afghan Taliban mercilessly tortured Ismail Mashal and treated him very humiliatingly. Taken in style.

Afghanistan’s Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Haq Hamad, confirmed the arrest of the lecturer in his statement on the social media website Twitter, saying that the teacher had been busy spreading incitement against the system for a long time, so the security agencies asked him. They have been picked up for investigation’.

Farid Ahmad Fazli, a colleague of Ismail Meshaal, said he had taught at several universities in Kabul and was picked up yesterday without charge. He was providing free books to men and women who are still in custody. Don’t know where they are kept’.

During the rule of the Afghan Taliban, there have been few male protests in support of women, but Ismail Mashal, a lecturer who runs a co-educational institution, said he would stand up for women’s rights. As a teacher I was unable to do anything for women’s education so I tore up my certificates as useless.

“I am raising my voice, standing with my sisters, my protest will continue even if my life is lost,” he said.

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