Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Scientists have declared the use of yogurt useful in eliminating bad breath.

According to foreign media reports, has found a solution to the problem of bad breath that usually exists in people’s kitchens. Foods, such as yogurt, contain probiotic bacteria that can clean the plaque responsible for bad breath.

The main cause of persistent bad breath is sulfuric compounds, and this odor occurs when bacteria on the surface of the tongue rapidly break down proteins and produce excess amounts of foul-smelling chemicals. There are beneficial bacteria that break down and absorb nutrients in food and protect against harmful bacteria.

According to reports, methods such as mouthwashes, chewing gum, dental scales and tongue cleaning are some of the ways to deal with the problem of bad breath. But these methods can temporarily get rid of the problem, but if careless, the smell can return.

In an analysis of whether probiotics can remove the proteins responsible for bad breath, researchers at Sichuan University in China looked at a database of clinical trials conducted through February 2021, including 278 in seven studies, according to reports. Individuals emerged who were eligible for this study.

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