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In Germany, the average citizen as a private consumer donated about 5.7 billion euros to charity last year.

The German people donated more than five and a half billion euros last year
The German people donated more than five and a half billion euros last year


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70 major social and charitable organizations working for human welfare in Germany, one of the world’s largest economies and the most populous country in the European Union, have established their organization at the national level. The name is German Donations Council.

Annual budget of support

In 2022, German consumers donated a total of 5.67 billion euros of their private funds to charity and welfare purposes, the council said on Wednesday, February 1.

In 2005, the German Council for Philanthropy started keeping an annual record of donations to charities in the country. According to this organization, last year was the second best year in terms of the total value of these donations.

The highest such amount was donated in 2021, worth 5.76 billion euros, compared to 5.67 billion euros last year. The report released in Berlin last year about the value of these donations by the German Donations Council has been named ‘Aid Budget 2022’. Experts from GF, a research organization on social issues, also helped in the preparation of these data.

According to the council, 2021 was also the best year in terms of the total value of such donations, because then, due to many other factors, people donated generously. were given

A collective willingness to help despite individual difficulties

According to a new report by the German Donations Council, the Ukrainian war that started in late February last year and the resulting sharp increase in energy prices and high inflation rates have not affected the thinking of ordinary Germans about financial donations. .

“Last year, the German people, as usual, gave generous financial donations, as well as generous help to refugees who came to Germany seeking asylum from Ukraine,” said the council’s director, Martin Wolff.

In the year 2022, it was also seen that the amount of financial donations remained high, but the total number of people donating such amounts decreased to 18.7 million. The highest annual number of German donors was recorded in 2012, at 22.5 million.

The average value of each donation is forty-three euros

Martin Wolf said that even last year, ordinary donors in Germany donated several times of different amounts instead of just once a year on average. The result was that in most cases more money was donated each time than the last. Thus, the average of any such donation was 43 euros per person.

Donations from businesses, donations to political parties, and donations worth more than 2,500 euros are excluded from these donations, focusing on private donations from ordinary consumers. can be kept

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