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The citizen faked his death but why? A surprising reason

Brasilia (Web Desk) Man makes many relationships and friends in life whose joys and sorrows he shares, but death is a bridge on which a man cannot see who attended his last rites.

According to private TV Geo News, a man from Brazil faked his death so that he could know who came to his funeral. According to foreign media reports, 60-year-old Baltazar Lemos, who is An event organizer by nature, he has organized many events in his life, including weddings and funerals.

Baltazar recently conducted a funeral for a citizen in which only two people attended, and seeing that I had made many friends, new relationships in my life, why should I not fake my death and let it be known? I want to know who attended my last rites. However, on January 10, a post was made on Baltazar’s social media account which read, ‘This afternoon a sad news came out that Baltazar Lemos has passed away from this world. More information about ‘will be shared shortly’.

A day before this post, a picture of a local hospital in Brazil was posted by Baltazar on his social media account, the hospital and then after the news of his death, Baltazar’s friends and relatives were convinced that he had indeed left this world. On the other hand, Baltazar’s family got worried after seeing the message and the picture of the hospital as none of them knew that he was even admitted to the hospital.

After hearing the news of Baltazar’s death, grief was being expressed on social media by relatives and friends, while details regarding the payment of his last rites were posted on Baltazar’s Facebook account. After the details emerged, Baltazar’s friends and relatives gathered at a location in the small Brazilian city of C√≥rdoba.

But as the funeral began, everyone standing in front of the casket was shocked when Baltazar entered through the back door. Who attends the last rites after hearing the news of his death.

Apologizing to all those present, he said, “My intention was not to cause trouble and trouble to anyone.”

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