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Some people don’t care if their hand veins are very prominent, while others are horrified by the appearance of swollen veins because they feel it is a sign of aging. Prominent hand veins are not pathological. In fact, everyone has varicose veins in their hands to some extent.

In simple words it is a normal thing but some people don’t like the sight of it.

It is not a medical problem but some people find that it makes their hands look ugly.

According to experts, this impression is more common among middle-aged women because they feel more about aging.

Some men also feel that swollen hands are a sign of aging.

According to medical experts, veins in men’s hands are more prominent than women’s, but most of them don’t care about it.

So what causes varicose veins to become so prominent?
This can happen in the hands of very fit and healthy people, it can also happen in people who exercise a lot, while the veins can be very noticeable even when there is no fat on the hands.

In old age, the veins of the hands become more prominent, which cannot be controlled.

Interestingly, if you are obese, the fat compresses these hand veins and they are not visible.

So is it not caused by a serious problem?
Varicose veins in the hands are not the result of any disease, but sometimes they are caused by a blockage in the circulation or a problem in the chest or ribs.

So is it possible to prevent varicose veins?

If the veins on the hands have become prominent as a result of aging, it is not possible to prevent them from appearing.

Hand veins gradually become more prominent with age, but body fat also plays a role.

If veins appear as a result of exercise or lack of fat, they may disappear over time.

Now it is possible to hide these veins with cosmetic surgery but it costs a lot of money.

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