Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

The girl killed her parents willingly and committed suicide

New York (Monitoring Desk) A 26-year-old girl in America committed suicide by shooting herself in her bedroom after killing her parents with their consent. According to Mail Online, this family of three was a resident of West Manchester Township in the US state of Pennsylvania. From videos posted on the girl’s YouTube channel in recent weeks, police believe Morgan killed her mother and father with their consent and then committed suicide.

According to police, Morgan shot his 59-year-old mother, Deborah, and 61-year-old father, James, to death each in the head and then shot himself in the groin. In a video Morgan posted on her YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago, she introduces herself as the Antichrist and says that we humans were Satan’s best choice for Antichrist initiatives.

In this video, Morgan also says that “I will give up the British crown soon.” In this video, she also makes fun of the British accent. Morgan’s last video on the channel was a day before her death. Posted. In this 6-second clip, she does not speak, but in the title of the clip, she writes, “Follow me, for I follow Christ.”

The police found the bodies of the father and daughter in the yard of their house. Hearing the sound of gunshots, their neighbors informed the police. According to the police, the evidence found at the crime scene also suggests that these people ended their lives in a planned manner. The police are further investigating the horrific incident.

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