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Exiled Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen says she has become a victim of “medical crime”. She is permanently disabled due to a botched surgery during treatment in New Delhi.

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The controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who is currently living in exile in the Indian capital, New Delhi, recently shared her picture on social media in a hospital bed in New Delhi. After which Taslima’s fans were worried about her health.

Now he himself has revealed what happened to him. Taslima Nasreen has claimed in her statement on Twitter that she became a victim of “medical crime”. Taslima Nasreen wrote on Twitter, “I became a major victim of medical crime. I was a healthy and fit person. In the name of treating my knee pain, they amputated my healthy body parts. My Amputated the healthy hip joint. Removed the thigh bone and put a piece of metal in the body. They left me permanently disabled.”

‘The doctor only did it for money’

Taslima Nasreen, herself a qualified doctor, said that doctors at a hospital in Delhi misled her and performed a surgery that was not absolutely necessary.

Taslima has not mentioned the name of the hospital. He, however, wrote that she had fallen at home while walking and had gone to get treatment for a knee injury. “But the doctors cut out his hip bones and put in a prosthesis. And they did it all for money.”

Indian journalist Rajeev Ranjan Nag, a friend of Taslima Nasreen, while talking to DW Urdu, said that on January 1, the Bangladeshi writer congratulated her (Nag) on ​​her birthday, the Press Club of India. came and she was perfectly healthy.

Rajeev Ranjannag said that what happened to Taslima Nasreen is completely wrong and he is right to call it a ‘medical crime’. He sympathized with Taslima and said that the matter should be investigated so that the guilty can be punished.

‘The doctor broke the trust’

Taslima said that she had a lot of faith in the doctor she was treating, but despite her insistence, the doctor did not show her the X-ray report. The doctor and his team pressured several doctors to give him a decision as soon as possible. And did not even give a chance to get a ‘second opinion’. Taslima Nasreen says that after the painful treatment, when she recovered and saw the X-rays, she found that there was no fracture in her thigh or anywhere else.

She wrote, “I trusted the doctor. Today I saw the X-ray. There was no fracture.” Taslima Nasreen is known for criticizing Islam and raising her voice in favor of women. After the publication of his controversial novel “Laja”, extremists in Bangladesh opened a front against him and his life was threatened. Later, the Bangladesh government banned “Laja” and in 1994 he was not allowed to leave his homeland.

Sweden has given citizenship to Taslima Nasreen and she has been spending her life in different countries of America and Europe as well as in India. These days he is on a long-term visa in India. On the revelation of Taslima Nasreen, many people have tweeted in favor of her on social media, but some people have called her a ‘sign of lesson’.

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