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7 times the possibility of release of the death row inmate

New York (Monitoring Desk) The possibility of the release of the prisoner who escaped execution of the death penalty 7 times in the United States has become brighter. According to the Daily Star, the name of this prisoner is Richard Glossop, who was sentenced to death for a murder in 1998. After that, his execution date was fixed 7 times, but each time this person miraculously survived. .

On three occasions, Richard Glossop was fed his last meal and asked for his last will by prison staff, but then his sentence was prematurely suspended. He was first scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on November 20, 2014, but prison staff were not trained to inject the new poison into an inmate’s body, delaying his execution. went.

After that, Richard’s execution was postponed 4 times due to legal complications. Once, at the last minute, the Governor of Oklahoma at the time, Mary Fallon, ordered a temporary stay of his execution. Earlier, a prisoner was executed using a new poison. Due to this drug, this prisoner had a very painful death.

The last words of the same prisoner were, “My whole body is burning as if I had been thrown into the fire.” So Governor Mary Fallon stayed the execution of Richard’s sentence until the medicine was changed. Now Richard is likely to be released on parole.

It should be noted that Richard was a hotel manager and in 1997 he beat his boss to death with a baseball bat.

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