Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

One moment, 2 hearts and 2000 note shaped wedding card.

HYDERABAD (News Desk) You may have seen people showering connots in wedding ceremonies or giving money to the bride and groom as a greeting, but there is going to be a wedding that has an invitation card. It is in the shape of a note and the note is not fifty or hundred, it is full 2000. This wedding card of 2000 note is becoming very viral on social media and the subject of discussion.

This wedding is going to take place in India and this wedding card is made in East Godavari district of Hyderabad. According to the details, Raja Mahendravaram KA Venkatesh made a wedding card like a 2000 rupees currency note in connection with the marriage of his younger daughter Abhi Navi. Prepared. Those who are being given these wedding cards are both happy and surprised. Happy because they are being invited to attend the wedding in a unique and interesting way and surprised because If the wedding card has a note of 2 thousand, then the bride and groom will have to pay much more than that.

The wedding is scheduled to take place on February 1. The marriage card, like the Rs 2,000 currency note, has become a topic of discussion on various social media platforms in both the Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh these days. The note-like card reads “Reserve Bank of Love”. On the back of the card is written in English “One moment. Two hearts. Three knots, seven steps and a lifetime together. This marriage will be incomplete without your presence.” The marriage is scheduled to take place on February 1.

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