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When a woman went to a police station in the small town of Rotenburg in northern Germany, the police recognized her honesty. This woman went to give nineteen thousand euros to the police, which she found lying on the road.

'I got these nineteen thousand euros from the street,' the woman reached the police station
‘I got these nineteen thousand euros from the street,’ the woman reached the police station


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Police in Rottenburg, a town in the city state of Bremen in the north of Germany, said on Wednesday, January 25 that the woman, 59 years old, was walking from work when she was hit by a white car on the road. A large envelope was found dropped.

The words ‘19000 Euros’ were written on the envelope. When the woman opened the envelope, there was actually nineteen thousand euros in cash. The woman immediately went to the nearest police station and deposited the money with the words: “I found this money lying on the road.”

After thanking the German woman for her honesty, the policemen were still talking to each other when a 67-year-old citizen arrived at the police station in great distress. He said that he had lost a big white envelope, which had a lot of money in it.

The man told police he placed an envelope full of cash on the roof of the car before getting into his car. Then he got into his car and headed home. He realized his mistake a few minutes later, but by then the envelope full of cash had fallen somewhere along the way.

On this, the police asked the person how much money was in the envelope and what was the value of the notes. The person said that the total amount was nineteen thousand euros and the same value was also written on the white envelope. Apart from this, he also told the police how many notes of what value were in the envelope.

The police returned the money, which was worth about 21,000 US dollars and about 47 lakhs in Pakistani rupees, after confirming the statements of the man and to their satisfaction.

Interestingly, the man did not even know who the honest German woman was, who, after finding 19,000 Euros lying on the road, took the money straight to the police station.

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