Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Depression has become a common disease in today’s busy life. Every third person suffers from depression or anxiety. Overwork and various entanglements of life make our mind stressed and we miss out on the small pleasures of life.

Experts agree that people suffering from depression and mental stress should be treated with love and compassion. Being harsh with them, ignoring or belittling their condition will be like aggravating their disease.

Even bad behavior or bad words from people suffering from mental stress should be expected and should be ignored considering their condition. But be careful that this behavior does not become violent.

While listening to the patient’s thoughts and feelings, gradually bring the patient’s attention to small things such as a tasty meal, an interesting (especially humorous) TV program, preparing for an upcoming family event, shopping, A meeting with an important person or a plan to go somewhere should be discussed.

Similarly, the person suffering from depression should be kept physically close and hug them. Medical experts have proven through systematic research that hugs from close relatives such as parents, siblings, spouse or friends reduce depression and mental stress.

With a patient suffering from depression, special care should also be taken in the choice of words. At such a time, the patient is very sensitive and he feels a lot about the slightest thing, so take care that your words do not make the disease worse.

According to experts, you should use the following words to reduce the depression of your loved one who is suffering from depression. This will help in reducing their disease.

Remember that a person suffering from depression and mental pressure cannot get rid of this disease alone and for this he needs the support of his close relatives and friends.

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