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The Japanese Prime Minister has expressed concern over the country’s declining population, saying that it is becoming a serious matter. He has said that this is the time to deal with this problem otherwise it will be too late.

Please have more children, appeals to Japanese prime minister
Please have more children, appeals to Japanese prime minister


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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has expressed strong concern over the dramatic decline in the birth rate in Japan and appealed to the public that it is time to take urgent measures to control the country’s declining population.

Fumio Kishida said that the declining birth rate is a cause for concern and the government is ready to provide all kinds of support to improve it. He told the people that it is getting late. According to him, improvement in this situation is ‘now or never’.

This statement of the Japanese Prime Minister has come at a time when the country’s birth rate has recorded a record decrease. Fumio Kishida said his government plans to introduce emergency measures soon to improve the birth rate.

Need for emergency measures

Japan ranks second in the list of countries with the largest elderly population. European country Monaco is on the first place in this list. Due to the aging population, there is a severe shortage of skilled workers in these two countries.

“Our nation stands at a crossroads,” added Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, adding that the country is increasingly unable to function properly due to a growing elderly population. The question is whether this nation will be able to maintain its social structure.

Fumio Kishida said that we cannot wait much in this regard as the situation has already become serious. Everyone has to play their part immediately, he said, “We have to increase the birth rate.” He emphasized that Tokyo must create a social structure that supports families with children economically.

Why did the birth rate decrease in Japan?

The Japanese government has been encouraging people to have more children for decades. In this context, Tokyo has also introduced special financial programs for parents.

In Japan, parents are given special financial bonuses and families with more children are given more benefits while paying less tax. Despite this, Japan’s birth rate has been steadily and steadily declining for the past fourteen years.

Japan is the third most expensive country in the world, where children spend a lot on education. YuWa Population Research has further stated that Japan is the third most expensive country in the world to raise children.

China and South Korea are also among the most expensive countries to educate children. China also reported a few days ago that the country’s population has declined for the first time in sixty years. Last year, less than 800,000 babies were born in Japan, which has become a new record. Although Japan is the world’s third-largest economy, parents avoid having children because of the country’s high standard of living and slow rate of wage growth.

According to an estimate, if the situation continues, by the year 2060, Japan’s population will decrease from 125 million to 86.7 million. Critics have warned of the serious development, saying that if it happens, it could become a major problem for Japan’s economic development and national security.

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