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Are you suffering from joint pain? If yes, then you are not alone, in fact, most people suffer from this condition in their fourth and fifth decades of life.

In fact, certain foods, exercises, and household items can significantly reduce your joint pain in a natural way that is backed by medical science.

Walking with bare feet
Walking barefoot in a grassy area reduces knee pain by up to twelve percent. According to an American study, walking barefoot in the open air for a while can reduce the pain, but do not try to lift your heels or walk on your toes, as this increases the pressure on the joints.

Consumption of spicy food
Cayenne pepper, ginger, and turmeric contain anti-inflammatory compounds that also block brain signals that transmit pain waves. So foods with moderate amount of chilli spices are also great for this pain or prepare a chutney or sauce with chillies which is always on your table.

High intake of calcium
Consuming too little calcium increases the risk of brittle or weak bones, which in turn accelerates the path to joint pain. After the age of 50, all women should make sure to consume 1200 mg of calcium per day. Cabbage and green leafy vegetables also contain calcium, which is less in quantity than milk, but is more easily absorbed by the body.

Stay in the sun for a while
In many people, joint pain is also a result of vitamin D deficiency. According to medical reports, maintaining normal levels of vitamin D in the body protects bones from damage, thereby preventing joint disease. Getting 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight every day is beneficial to increase the level of vitamin D in your body. Apart from this, milk or other milk products are also the best sources of vitamin D.

Fish oil capsules
According to a British study, capsules made of fish oil also slow down the pain-causing process in the joints, reducing their severity. The use of capsules made from common fish oil may also be beneficial in reducing the amount of pain-causing enzymes.

Enjoy ginger tea
Several medical research reports have revealed that ginger has properties that enhance the effect of medications used for joint pain. But it is very useful even without medicine, for this, grind ginger and use it in the form of sufof or cut it into thin slices and keep it immersed in boiling water for tea for 15 minutes, its permanent Its use will prove to be excellent for reducing joint pain.

Use of anti-inflammatory foods
If you suffer from joints, avoid fast, junk and fried foods. According to a Swedish study conducted on patients suffering from joint disease, those who made a habit of eating fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, wheat or other grains, olive oil, nuts, ginger, garlic, etc. Less inflammation was experienced and their physical health improved significantly.

Smell the aromatic spices
A Korean study found that people suffering from joint pain experienced a reduction in pain when they smelled different types of spices, including black pepper, hot spices, and others.

Wash dishes by hand
It may sound strange to hear if someone is suffering from joint pain in their hands, but this simple task done in every kitchen can actually reduce the pain. First, soak your hands in warm water for some time to relax the muscles and joints and reduce their stiffness. Then wash the dishes.

Give hot and cold treatment to the joints
You will need two plastic containers for this, one filled with cold water and some ice cubes and the other with water that is warm enough to touch. First, submerge your painful joints in a bowl of cold water for one minute and then submerge the affected area in a bowl of warm water for 30 seconds. In the same way, keep alternating the packs for 15 minutes, but submerge the affected area in each pack for thirty seconds, but finish by immersing the affected area in a cold water pack for one minute.

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