Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

In winter comes the spring of vegetables and stalls, tables are decorated with different types of vegetables, including a pea.

Do you know what properties are in peas, if not, today we will tell you.

Medical experts have described many properties of peas, according to them, peas keep heart and kidney healthy, control blood pressure and are beneficial for diabetics.

According to medical experts, peas also help in weight loss, which is why it is used in everything from pulao to maggi. Peas contain iron, zinc and copper, which provide essential nutrients to the body in cold weather, along with plenty of antioxidants found in peas that strengthen the immune system.

According to experts, the use of peas is also useful for the eyes, lutein and zeaxanthin present in peas help to improve vision.

Recent studies in Europe and the US have claimed that peas help fight Alzheimer’s, and the selenium found in peas reduces joint pain and inflammation.

Peas are rich in vitamins A and E, both of which are considered very beneficial for the skin.

According to medical experts, if green peas are ground and applied on the face, it acts as a natural scrub and helps to improve the skin.

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