Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

US Arrests Russian Crypto Boss on Money Laundering Charges

Washington (Monitoring Desk) The United States has arrested the Russian owner of a cryptocurrency exchange on charges of money laundering. According to Daily Dawn, 40-year-old Anatole Lykudimov lived in Shenzhen, China, and there he established a cryptocurrency trading company.

Anatole was arrested by US authorities in Miami. He has not yet been brought to court, but his arrest has been confirmed by US authorities. The US Department of Justice has stated that Anatole is accused of sending 70 million dollars to prohibited funds.

US authorities said that Anatoly’s company ‘Bitzalto’ had become a major source of money laundering for drug traffickers and money laundering criminals. Anatoly’s company was registered in Hong Kong. Asks for minimal identification information and that is its advertising slogan.

In terms of transactions, Anatoly’s company’s biggest partner is the platform called ‘Hydra’, which is an online marketplace on the dark web. Hydra was shut down by the US and German authorities last year. The platform was used to buy and sell drugs, stolen credit card data, fake currency, fake IDs and other similar contraband. Also used Anatole’s crypto exchange with sources.

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