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In the Indian city of Lucknow, a girl doing immoral acts on a motorcycle and …

Lucknow (Daily Pakistan Online) The video of the immoral actions of a young boy and a girl riding a motorcycle on the streets of the Indian city of Lucknow worried the police, but now the boy driving the scooty has been found and arrested.

According to the details, the police released the girl who kissed and kissed her while riding the motorcycle, saying that she is not yet an adult, but the boy has been detained for driving against traffic rules and spreading obscenity.

There is a discussion on social media that the idea of ​​the boy and girl riding a motorcycle must have taken the idea of ​​shameless actions from Tom Cruise’s famous movie “Night and Day”, this incident actually happened on the evening of January 15. Aya, the two motorcyclists were seen doing immoral acts on the motorcycle in the Hazratganj area, the video of which was made by a person and shared on social media.

A strong reaction was seen from the citizens on this video and the police formed teams to arrest them keeping in mind the public sentiments. The boy has been identified as Vicky Sharma, aged 23 years, while the girl has been released with a warning as she is a minor. According to the police, Vicky Sharma owns a clothing store and also arranges music systems for weddings.

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