Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

After Emmazone, Microsoft also decided to lay off employees

Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) Due to the recession in the global market, after the e-commerce company Amazon, Microsoft has decided to lay off a large number of its employees.

According to the American news website “Sky News”, Microsoft has decided to lay off 5 percent of the company’s employees, which is about 11 thousand. The layoffs will cost Microsoft $1.2 billion and cut earnings by 12 cents per share, according to the company.

In July last year, Microsoft said that a small number of jobs had been cut, but US media reported that Microsoft had laid off 1,000 employees since the end of the Corona epidemic, Microsoft’s Windows and other software. Demand has also decreased.

It should be noted that Amazon has decided to lay off about 20,000 employees in the coming month, for which the CEO of the company informed the employees about the layoff in November last year, but the number was not mentioned in this message. was

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