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A sore throat is pain or discomfort in your throat that can be associated with many different diseases or conditions.

Some home remedies that can help cure a sore throat quickly are listed below

Consumption of hot drinks
Sipping hot drinks like tea or chicken soup can help you relax a lot. Do not try cold drinks, such as ice water or cold drinks. It depends on your preference and what suits your throat best. Hot drinks help clear mucus membranes, keep breathing flowing, and prevent sinus infections. Warm temperatures can also ease coughing by soothing the back of your throat.

Use of honey and lemon
Honey has antibacterial properties and helps reduce inflammation. It also acts as a natural cough suppressant. Lemon juice breaks up mucus and also contains immune-boosting vitamin C to help fight your infection. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with two tablespoons of honey. Add it to a cup of tea or hot water, stir well, and sip. It is a very relaxing drink.

Use of herbal tea
Some herbs help heal a sore throat. There are three good options for relieving inflammation and pain.

Use of steam and moisture
Dry air is very harsh on the throat and lungs, especially during the winter months. A humidifier will open your sinuses and keep the air in your room moist, making it easier to breathe.

Use of hard candy
Sucking on a throat lozenge or candy helps produce saliva that can soothe your sore throat by preventing it from drying out.

Be sure to rest the sore throat
You take the time to rest your head on your pillow and close your eyes. Repeat this process as needed. Don’t take it for granted to physically relax your body and voice, doctors say. But lying upright can sometimes cause swelling due to increased pressure in the back of your throat. Instead, try elevating the bed or sitting with a support or chair to reduce pain and discomfort.

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