Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

An engine failed during the flight of the plane full of passengers

Canberra (Monitoring Desk) A Qantas Airline flight narrowly escaped disaster in Australia. According to MailOnline, flight QF144 suffered an engine failure during the flight, after which the flight was so likely to crash that the pilot called a ‘mayday’. This is an extreme warning of a possible shipwreck.

After the engine failure, the plane remained in the air for an hour and finally managed to land safely at Sydney Airport. The passengers of the plane reported that they heard an explosion in the left engine of the plane, after which the plane began to shake violently and jerk. An hour passed in utter panic.

Passengers said that the pilot and crew hid the seriousness of the situation. The passengers got to know the truth when they got off the plane after landing at the airport. According to reports, rescue teams rushed to the airport to deal with any emergency after the pilot received a mayday call.

The news of the flight’s engine failure spread like wildfire and for the next hour, 2 lakh people watched the flight live on the flight radar. were unaware of

Speaking to the media, a passenger named Simon Shimit said, “We were told by the crew that nothing happened, the entire crew was surprisingly acting as if nothing really happened.” Those guys were really well trained and professional. Even from their faces, we didn’t realize what kind of trouble we were facing.

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