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The group had built an underground laboratory, in which operations were carried out to extract organs. A child has also been found in this laboratory, one of whose kidneys has been removed.

Lahore, human organ selling gang caught
Lahore, human organ selling gang caught


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A human organ trafficking group has been caught in the city of Lahore, Pakistan, yesterday. According to the police, during this operation, they also found a 14-year-old child from the underground laboratory, who had gone missing a few days ago. One kidney of this child was also removed.

The gang used to force young and economically weak people to sell their organs, especially kidneys, by luring them with lucrative jobs and attractive remuneration. Victims were promised up to 900,000 Pakistani rupees (about 4,000 US dollars) for a kidney.

In his statement, Punjab Police Spokesman Rehan Anjum told AFP, “It was only after gathering evidence and evidence that we found out that an organ trafficking gang is behind the disappearance of this boy victim.”

Six people were arrested

According to the police officials, the recovered boy has said in his statement that he was unconscious and when he regained consciousness, he found an Arab resident on the stretcher next to him. It has been suggested that all customers buying organs from this group may be foreigners. Victims of this group have been transferred to a medical testing lab used for organ transplants in Rawalpindi.

In such clandestine medical laboratories in Pakistan, due to the lack of proper medical equipment and facilities, the infected people often suffer complications and many people die. “I am just thankful that the police saved my son alive otherwise they would have left him for dead,” the victim’s father told AFP news agency in Lahore.

According to the police, the accomplice doctors and surgeons have not been traced yet. In 2010, Pakistan outlawed the trade in human organs, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and fines. These laws were intended to prevent the easy sale of organs to overseas donors, but despite the legislation, this practice continues.

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