Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Australia’s most expensive prostitute finally told her story to the world, …

Canberra (Monitoring Desk) Australia’s most expensive prostitute finally expressed her shame for her shameful profession. According to the Daily Star, 45-year-old Amanda Goff was in her 30s when she started prostitution and became known as Samantha X.

Shortly after joining the business, she became a high-profile professional woman in Australia. At the same time, she was also named as the most expensive prostitute in the country. A few months ago, Amanda left the profession and started a career as a journalist and author.

Yesterday, Amanda wrote on her Instagram account that she is depressed about her former profession. The life I lived as Samantha X, I feel like I’m living a fraudulent life. I have also been diagnosed with the mental illness bipolar disorder, which I believe was brought on by my profession. During the treatment of this disease, the doctor also told me that now I should identify myself and find out who ‘Amanda’ is.

Amanda said, “After this doctor’s advice, I decided to give up my fake life as Samantha X and live with my true identity as Amanda Goff. I learned from my past that we have to live the world.” One should never change one’s real identity for

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