Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

The dangerously fast biker Tik Tokkar has finally been caught

Tbilisi (Monitoring Desk) In the Eurasian country of Georgia, the high-speed biker who ran away from the police was finally arrested. According to Mail Online, the young man was a tic-tac-toker who was riding a bike at an alarmingly high speed. On the way, the police tried to stop him several times, but every time he would outrun the police vehicles thanks to his speeding bike.

The man crossed two counties in Georgia, but the police could not catch him. Finally, the police managed to catch him through his social media accounts. The man had a camera installed in his helmet and was recording the video of his terrifying driving which he later posted on his social media accounts.

This video of the young man came to the notice of the police and through it, his location was traced and he was arrested. The arrest of the suspect has been confirmed by the police, but his identity is being withheld, but it is said that the suspect is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. 12 arrest warrants were issued against him.

It is reported that the youth owns a ‘Triumph Street Triple RS2022’ bike, which he dangerously drives through traffic at speeds many times the speed limit.

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