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I was born to donate my organs to “William”, Prince Harry’s…

London (Daily Pakistan Online) British Prince Harry has written in his shocking biography about his relationship with his brother Prince William that he was created only to donate his organs for the royal heir Prince William. Can donate.

Private TV channel “Jeo News” quoted Prince Harry’s recently published biography “Spear” as saying that Prince Harry wrote that he and his brother were considered “hair and the spear” in the family. used to go, that’s why he named his book Sapir.

He wrote that he was brought into this world for one purpose and his only mission after birth was to kill Prince William, the heir to the royal family, if anything untoward happened to him, blood, blood or bone. You can donate.

Prince Harry also wrote that the concept of “hair” and “spear” has stuck with him throughout his life, having been made clear to him as a child that he was born just in case something happened to his brother. To help them, he wrote that when I was 20 years old I heard a story about the time of my birth that when I was born my father King Charles allegedly said to my mother Lady Diana, Great! You have already given me the heir to the throne, now you have also given me the ‘spear’, I have done my job.

When I was born, my father, King Charles, reportedly said to my mother, Lady Diana, “Great! You have already given me the heir to the throne, now you have also given me the ‘Spear’, I have done my job.

It should be noted that Prince Harry’s biography ‘Spear’ has become the UK’s fastest-selling non-fiction book after it was officially released. 4 lakh copies of the book including book, audio have been sold so far and this book has already been declared as an online bestseller.

The 410-page book, which will be published in 16 languages ​​worldwide, features Prince Harry’s shocking revelations about the royal family.

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