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Why are women forced to set examples of being ‘pure and chaste’? Why can’t a woman be treated as a mere human being, so that she can adopt common practices in her practical life?

Why was Dia Bhil not considered human?
Why was Dia Bhil not considered human?


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Just a few days ago, a Hindu woman named Daya Bhil was brutally murdered in Sindhru city of Sanghar district. His head, delicate body parts were cut off. The body was cut to the skin and the face was mutilated beyond recognition and later his body was dumped in the fields.

Was it because she was wearing inappropriate clothes or because she arrived home late? According to the police officials, they have not seen such a terrible case of violence in their entire police career. Imagine a woman being cut and skinned. Is this not the end of darkness? Is this not terrorism against women?

According to the family members, on the morning of December 27, Daya Bhil had gone out to cut grass near the mustard fields at a distance from the house. Now we have to sit together and think why this incident happened in front of the house and that too in the morning. If a woman is not safe even at home, then what does it matter if she comes late or early?

According to the police, Daya’s mowing sickle and cloth were found near her house that day, after which the police are interrogating some male members of the house. And even after so many days, no specific evidence has been found.

Amar Sindhu, a delegation of Women’s Action Forum, said, “Woman is killed inside the house or outside the house.” The reasons for his killing are more social than personal, so there is an urgent need to change the society, but when the state institutions fail to do their job i.e. to give social justice to their citizens, there is more impact on women and weaker sections. ‘

Note that Daya Bhil was a “woman” as well as a “Bhil”, a low caste of Hindus. Heaven is under mother’s feet, woman is earth mother. Sometimes women are worshiped as goddesses, sometimes they are treated as morals.

Why can’t a woman have the same opportunities that a man inherits? Why does he have to go through the feeling of fear in making a decision? Despite all this, the list of sexual crimes and gender-based violence is so long that the terror of it forces some women to either give up their dreams or adopt a safer lifestyle.

Most of the population in Pakistan has this “belief” that girls’ choice of clothing is the main cause of violence against women. But I don’t understand how a woman’s dress and independence can harm anyone. No crime is committed by seeing who is independent and who is not, so what kind of discussion is this? Whatever it was, no one had the right to take the life of Daya Bhil.

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