Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature “Proxy Support” after which it can be run even without internet, the said feature will work only in the areas where the internet is blocked by the government or administration and there WhatsApp The app is also banned.

WhatsApp says that citizens of countries like Iran and Syria where WhatsApp or the Internet are banned will be able to use a proxy server to access the app, with the proxy support feature officially available for users with the latest version.

WhatsApp’s blog post says that internet shutdown is a violation of human rights, WhatsApp proxy support is being introduced to connect people with each other, with the help of which people can use virtual chat despite internet shutdown and ban on the app. Can use WhatsApp through Private Network (VPN).

According to WhatsApp, despite proxy support, users’ messages and calls will remain end-to-end encrypted, meaning they will not be seen or heard by proxy servers including WhatsApp and Meta.

What is proxy support?

A proxy server is an intermediary between users and web services and acts as a web filter that allows users to bypass restrictions and censorship.

Proxy support simply means that people in regions or countries where internet service is blocked or WhatsApp is banned will be able to use WhatsApp easily under the above mentioned feature.

Under this feature, WhatsApp itself will not provide internet, but proxy network servers created by various welfare organizations around the world will provide free internet.

Proxy internet servers will not only provide internet but also enable WhatsApp to run there despite the ban. Many humanitarian and human rights organizations around the world have set up free proxy internet servers that are providing free internet and other services to countries around the world.

The above mentioned proxy internet services are free and they work without internet connection but users need to get information about such servers first.

How to turn on proxy support feature?

To use this feature, users have to go to their WhatsApp settings. After clicking on WhatsApp settings bar click on ‘Storage & Data’, where at the very end there will be ‘Proxy Settings’ option.

The user has to click on ‘Proxy Setting’, after which a new window will open, where the proxy setting has to be turned on. After turning on the proxy setting, the system will ask to use ‘proxy server’ and for this users need to download proxy internet server first. That means users need to download ‘free proxy internet server’ in their phone first. After which they can connect this proxy server to WhatsApp by going to WhatsApp settings.

The most difficult thing for this feature is that the user should know in advance which are the free proxy internet servers and which server is more secure? In this regard WhatsApp will not guide the users which proxy server is safe. Users have to download proxy servers in advance which will be useful in emergency situations.

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