Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

During the flight in Russia, the door of the plane suddenly opened, the video went viral

Moscow (Monitoring Desk) A video of an airplane door suddenly opening during a flight in Russia is rapidly going viral on the Internet. According to The Mirror, this unique event took place in Siberia, Russia, which is one of the coldest regions in the world. There were 25 passengers on this ‘A-in-26’ plane.

Shortly after the plane took off, its door suddenly opened and passengers’ luggage started falling out of the plane due to the pressure of the air. In the video that has surfaced, it can be seen that a passenger barely escapes being pulled out of the plane by the air pressure.

It has been reported that the plane took off from the city of Megan in Siberia in minus 41 degree Celsius. The emerging video was made by a passenger sitting inside the plane and posted on the internet. In the video, chaos can be seen inside the plane.

Many passengers had to wash their hands in this incident. After the gate was opened, the pilot turned the plane back to Megan Airport and managed to make an emergency landing safely. Fortunately, all the passengers and crew members on board the plane were safe. They got off their heads and flew out of the plane.

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