Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Chef and delivery driver rich for refusing to sell their house at cheap prices

Edinburgh (Monitoring Desk) In Scotland, a chef and his delivery driver killed a wealthy businesswoman after she refused to sell her house at a low price. According to Mail Online, the incident took place in Glasgow, Scotland, where 28-year-old chef Kosai Al-Jandi and his 24-year-old delivery driver Muhammad Al-Abad wanted to buy a luxury house from 72-year-old Louise Kim for just 13 million pounds. The original value of the house was many times higher than that, while Louise, cheap or expensive, did not want to sell her house.

When Louis refused to sell his house, the accused trapped him to death and disposed of his body. The accused continued to send messages to the worried relatives of the woman from her mobile phone, so that they do not know about the death of the woman and they think that the woman is alive. A few days later, the relatives reported the matter to the police, finding it suspicious.

The police arrested the accused by tracing the mobile phone of the woman and using the CCTV footage of the area. The accused confessed their crime during investigation. The police produced them at Old Belle Court. Yesterday, during the hearing, the accused has denied the accusation against himself and said that when I came down the stairs, I saw Louis Cam lying dead, I was so scared that I called the police or an ambulance. Didn’t call. The trial is ongoing.

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