Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

More than 150 tourists coming to South Korea are missing

Seoul (Reza Shah) More than 150 foreigners who entered South Korea through Yangyang International Airport under the visa waiver program over the past six months have gone missing, according to reports.

There are concerns that all the missing foreigners entered Korea in an attempt to work illegally. According to documents obtained from the Ministry of Justice by Yoo Sang-bum, representative of the ruling People’s Power Party, 107 Vietnamese, 31 Filipinos and 15 Mongolian nationals have been out of touch since arriving in Korea through the program.

The Immigration Office under the Ministry of Justice said that three people, including two Vietnamese and a Filipino, had been arrested so far for not returning from Korea despite the expiration of their 15-day visas.

It should be noted that the purpose of this program was to promote tourism in South Korea’s Kangwon province as this region is famous for its natural scenery. The program will end on May 31. The authorities will decide whether to extend it or not after reviewing it. This visa-free tourism program has been launched exclusively for citizens of Vietnam, the Philippines, Mongolia and Indonesia.

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