Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Daughters opened the pool of the woman who killed her husband along with Ashna

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) Young daughters of the brutal woman who killed her husband along with Ashna opened her pool. According to Times of India, 32-year-old accused Anita and her 30-year-old friend Rakesh Kumar strangled 40-year-old Anjania by putting a pillow over her mouth.

Anita told the family and the police that Anjania had consumed too much alcohol which led to her death. As Anjania was addicted to alcohol, people believed Anita’s story, but Anita and Anjania’s two young daughters knew the truth, who were silenced by threats from their mother.

The girls, aged 12 and 14, were threatened by their mother that “if you tell anyone, I will commit suicide and then my boyfriend will kill you both.” The girls remained silent out of fear. A few months after the incident, his mother left him with his grandmother and went with his acquaintance.

After the mother left, the girls gathered courage and told their grandmother the whole story. The girls said that their mother and her acquaintance stopped their breathing by putting a pillow over their father’s mouth in the middle of the night. From which he died. Both girls saw this scene with their own eyes.

The police registered a case against the accused and her acquaintance and arrested them. According to the police, the accused have confessed their crime during investigation.

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