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A woman in Germany got her lost wallet back after 40 years. This happy incident happened recently during the repair of the roof of a church in the German town of Bad Dürkheim.

Germany: The woman got back the wallet that was lost 40 years ago
Germany: The woman got back the wallet that was lost 40 years ago


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Germany’s southwestern province of Rhineland-Palatinate has a unique attraction and immense reputation for its natural beauty and atmospheric locations. One very interesting thing about this province is that it shares borders with France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Its capital is the city of Maine. The architecture of this province is very unique. The churches, synagogues and a famous cemetery here are of unusual interest to tourists. The Gutenberg Museum established in the same province is also a unique and must-see place here.

Bad Durkheim Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate has several churches that are masterpieces of ancient Roman architecture. A purse was found while repairing the roof of a church in the same town. There was no money inside the wallet but it contained the passport and many photos of the owner of the wallet. Pastor Estefan Contes, who is responsible for the maintenance of the church, made an announcement on Friday, January 7, in which he revealed that a purse was found during repair work on the roof of his church. With the help of photos and documents in it, the owner of the wallet was identified and the woman was informed that her lost wallet 40 years ago was found on the roof of this church. This woman used to live in the province of Rhineland Falls. The owner of the purse, meanwhile, is a resident of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the former German capital of Bonn. He was searched and informed that his wallet had been found.

Almost every city and town has a lost and found office in Germany where the administration can be contacted to find out if a lost item or document has been received. If someone finds something dropped or misplaced, they usually go to the nearest lost and found office or police station and hand it over to the authorities.

The said woman said that her wallet was lost in 1981. He was 16 years old at that time. In Germany at that time there were telephone booths everywhere. He left his wallet in a telephone booth from where he disappeared. After forty years, he was very happy to get his wallet back, but the money in the wallet was not returned. The documents and his passport were found, with the help of the name and address written on them, the administration found the owner of the wallet.

The woman believes that whoever found her wallet must have hidden it in the church. Pastor and caretaker of the church, Estefan Kontes, said that the church was still being renovated at that time.

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