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In China, more than 1,000 social media accounts of people who objected to the country’s Covid policy were closed by the government. This move was made during relaxation of Corona restrictions and reopening of the country.

China: More than 1,000 social media accounts critical of the Covid policy have been suspended
China: More than 1,000 social media accounts critical of the Covid policy have been suspended


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Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese government social media platform, admitted in a statement that it had noticed 12,800 cases of violations, including attacks on various experts, scholars and medical workers. As a result of this action, temporary or permanent bans have been imposed on 1,120 accounts. It should be noted that the Chinese ruling Communist Party was largely relying on the medical community to enforce strict lockdowns to prevent the spread of the deadly disease, Covid-19. His aim was to defend China’s oppressively strict lockdown policies, quarantine orders and key measures such as mass testing through general corona testing. Almost all of these strictures were suddenly lifted last month. The result was that new cases of corona in China began to reappear in such large numbers that the country’s medical capacity and resources began to be burdened.

Restrictions on freedom of expression

The Chinese Communist Party does not allow direct criticism at all and has placed strict restrictions on freedom of expression. Official social media platform Sina said in a recent statement, “The company will continue to increase investigations and clean up and moderate all types of illegal content, as well as create a friendly community environment for the majority of users.” Efforts will be made to make provision possible.

Among the factors that have caused severe frustration and anger among the public in China have been the Beijing government’s extremely strict rules and regulations related to the Corona restrictions, and especially the general travel ban. They have been among the most vocal demonstrations and protests against the measures, and Chinese citizens have used social media platforms to criticize government policies. Especially the Chinese, who had been locked in their homes for weeks, seemed extremely agitated. The reason for the spread of anger and anxiety in the society were also incidents in which every resident who is likely to have a positive corona test result or a resident who has come in contact with a covid-positive person is sent to a field hospital for medical examination. Restricted to areas where food and sanitation conditions are poor.

A reason to relax the strictest measures

The economic or financial burden imposed on society by the strict lockdown and restrictions in China eventually forced Chinese citizens to take to the streets to protest. This is probably why the Beijing government decided to immediately relax its strict measures.

As part of these changes in the Corona policies, an important decision was made that criminal charges will not be laid against those who violate the Corona restrictions and violate the quarantine regulations. In this regard, five government departments issued notices on Saturday, January 7. It was also announced that the detained persons would be released and the seized assets of the violators would be returned.

The website of China Daily, a Chinese newspaper, published a report on the latest government decisions, according to which these measures were taken after a detailed assessment of the negative impact of the said restrictions and strictures on society’s attitudes. are Moreover, China will now formulate a prevention and control policy against the spread of the Corona epidemic according to the new situation.

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