Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Do you often experience bad breath? So there could be many reasons and elements and you could have some mistakes.

So don’t worry if you often face this problem, in fact there is a very simple and excellent remedy for it, but most people don’t even pay attention to it.

According to global media reports, the American Dental Association says that bad breath is usually a sign of lack of water in the body or dehydration.

According to association spokesperson Dr. Ida S. Cooper, don’t be under the misconception that using mouthwash four times a day can cure bad breath.

They said that when your mouth is drier, less saliva is produced and when saliva production is reduced, food particles and bacteria stay in the mouth longer.

He said that if this problem is encountered, drinking a lot of water every day can be the easiest remedy, while one should be careful about coffee, alcohol, smoking or certain medicines that cause dry mouth. can.

As mentioned, bad breath can have many causes other than dry mouth or lack of hygiene.

According to Dr. Ida, always brush your teeth at night because trapped particles and bacteria can cause bad breath while you sleep.

If the smell of breath is not getting relief, then one should consult a doctor so that the real reason can be revealed and then the treatment can be possible accordingly.

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