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Britain’s Prince Harry has revealed that he killed 25 people during the war in Afghanistan. But they are neither proud nor ashamed of these casualties, as this happens in war.

Prince Harry revealed that 25 people were killed in Afghanistan
Prince Harry revealed that 25 people were killed in Afghanistan


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The publication of “Spear,” the autobiography of Prince Harry, the youngest son of Britain’s King Charles III, has been delayed until next week, but a Spanish translation of it was mistakenly released on Thursday. Although copies of it were later immediately removed from the shops in Spain, the book was already in the hands of the media by then.

The publication of Prince Harry’s “Spear” has been withheld until next Tuesday, but the US edition of the British newspaper ‘Guardian’ has published some of the ‘explosive’ revelations made in the book.

Killed 25 people in Afghanistan

According to the Guardian, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, wrote in his autobiography about his duty on the two fronts in Afghanistan, “Most soldiers don’t know how many people they kill. In a war situation, you’re usually shooting indiscriminately. It has to be done. But in this age of Apache and laptops, everything I do during my two-hour duty is recorded.”

He wrote, “I can say with certainty how many of the enemy I killed. And I have no fear of that number. One of the many things I learned in the armed forces was The important thing is that I am responsible for my own actions.”

“As far as numbers go, I killed 25 people. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I don’t regret it either,” writes Prince Harry. He further wrote, “Naturally, I neither want to remember that number nor record it in my military records. But I also want to live in a world free from the Taliban.” Be clean, be free of war. However, facts cannot be changed.”

‘Prince William killed me’

The book also contains revelations and allegations about Prince William. Prince Harry has alleged that his older brother William punched him and dragged him by the collar in 2019. They called my wife rude and bad. Prince Harry has also raised questions about royal traditions. He has questioned why according to royal and aristocratic traditions, only the first son inherits honours, power and fortune.

He wrote that in royal traditions, a second son is redundant, leading to quarrels. Prince William gave the impression of being the heir and I didn’t like being redundant. Prince Harry stepped down from his royal duties in 2020 and is currently living with his wife Meghan in California, USA.

Prince Harry wrote, “William insulted me and said he was helping me. I said what kind of help is that and are you serious about helping. My brother got angry at my comment and followed me into the kitchen. I also arrived. I gave William a glass of water to cool off in the kitchen and said I can’t talk to you in this state. I didn’t tell my wife Meghan about the fight but the therapist had to be called immediately. Later. Meghan became depressed when she saw the scratches and bruises on my body.”

Prince Harry has also given an interview to Britain’s ITV channel about his life and the royal family, which will air this week.

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