Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

A man who urinated on a female passenger during the flight was arrested

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) The evil person who urinated on an elderly woman in the Air India flight from New York to New Delhi, the capital of India, was finally arrested. According to Indiatimes, the person has been identified as Shankar Mishra, a Mumbai-based businessman.

He was traveling in business class on an Air India flight where he got drunk and urinated on a woman. The woman is in her 70s. With this act of his, the woman’s dress and bag were damaged and the woman’s shoes were also filled with his filth.

When the woman complained to the flight crew, an air hostess cleaned the woman’s bag and shoes and gave the woman a shirt and trousers, which the woman took off her dress and put on. Also, no action was taken by the flight crew against the demon. Even after landing, the man left the airport contentedly.

On this carelessness of the flight crew, the woman wrote a letter to N. Chandrasekaran, the chairman of Tata Group, the owner of Air India, about the incident and demanded action. The incident came to light and a case was registered against the accused, but the accused went into hiding to avoid arrest.

After several days of struggle, the police have finally arrested the accused yesterday from Bangalore in the state of Karnataka and his picture has also been released. According to the police, the accused changed his location several times during these days to avoid arrest.

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