Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

A girl who extorted money from people on the pretext of breast cancer was caught

Brasília (Monitoring Desk) In Brazil, a girl was caught pretending to have breast cancer and collecting money from people in the name of help. According to The Mirror, the 27-year-old girl, identified as Camila Maria Barbosa dos Santos, shaved her head and posted the photo on the Internet, telling people she had breast cancer and was undergoing treatment. Money is urgently needed.

Camila Maria also collected donations on a fundraising website. However, her lie was later caught and the police started an investigation against her. Camila Maria, a resident of Mourinhos, Brazil, failed to provide the police with any documentary evidence of her breast cancer in the investigation.

The police also raided Camila Maria’s house but could not find anything to prove that Camila is suffering from or has been suffering from a deadly disease like cancer. Camila said that she has been receiving treatment from Araujo George Hospital in the city, but this treatment has also rejected her claim and said that they never treated the girl. According to the police, Camilazi is in custody and a case will be filed against him in court soon.

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