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Oscar-winning film star Tarana Alidosti was arrested by Iranian authorities for making ‘provocative’ posts on social media. He has been released on bail after serving his sentence for two and a half weeks.

An Iranian film star was arrested for solidarity with the protesters
An Iranian film star was arrested for solidarity with the protesters


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Iranian film star Tarana Alidosti was arrested for supporting protests against violence against women in Iran. Actress Tarana, 38, who played the lead role in Asghar Farhadi’s Oscar-winning film ‘The Salesman’, opened up about her support for the protests and government sanctions that erupted following the alleged murder of Iranian Kurdish woman Mehsa Amini. is one of many celebrities to criticize the general.

Why was Tarana arrested?

Tarana had published three such videos on her Instagram account, in which she criticized the Iranian government. Immediately after the publication of these videos, his Instagram account was also closed.

Tarana expressed solidarity with the protestors on her Instagram, writing, “His name is Mohsin Shikari, every institution, which is watching this bloody game and is silent, is responsible for the disgrace of humanity.” He has eight million followers on his Instagram account. Many celebrities and human rights groups have expressed their happiness over the release of the anthem.

What is the reason for the protests in Iran?

The death of Mehsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman in police custody, has forced Iranian women to take to the streets against daily humiliation, abuse and gender discrimination. Despite a heavy crackdown by security forces, thousands of Iranian women are refusing to wear headscarves in public and have challenged the country’s political system against the ban.

Amnesty International has described Amini’s death as ‘mysterious’. This Iranian Kurdish woman was allegedly tortured while in police custody for not wearing a proper headscarf. After the death of this woman, the Iranian people have raised their voices against the economic crisis and social restrictions in addition to the strictest regulations against women in the country. Protesters set fire to banners of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

These recent protests have fueled calls for an end to clerical rule in the Islamic republic. The recent protests are one of the biggest challenges for the country’s religious leaders since the 1979 revolution. Upon coming to power, the current hard-line religious Iranian government implemented a number of policies, including Islamic Sharia law, one of which required women to wear headscarves in public.

According to Iranian authorities, hundreds of people have died as a result of these protests, including Iranian security personnel. Thousands of people are under detention. However, the Iranian government is blaming foreign powers and the opposition for these “riots”.

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