Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Popular social networking website Twitter has decided to introduce several new features that will dramatically change the user experience on the platform.

According to global media reports, the company announced several new features including communities, tipping and account subscription feature Super Follows.

“We want to create a product experience that makes it easy for people to interact, discover, and connect across relevant geographies or communities,” the company said.

The company explained that the feature is an extension of its Topics feature that allows users to follow tweets and accounts of their interest.

Exploring features will be helpful for influencers and creators who want to monetize Twitter followings, adding features like tipping and superfollows.

The company did not say how the tipping feature would work, but hinted that it would be based on the company’s long-form content and subscriptions.

Superfollows will give users access to newsletters, special badges and other exclusive content, while creators will be able to create tweets that only those people can see and reply to.

The company did not say when these features will be available to users or when they will be tested.

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