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When the weather starts to get cold, the moisture from the skin also starts to decrease, as a result of which the skin of the hands, lips, nose and face becomes dry, which is not a big problem, but the complaint of itching definitely starts.

By the way, drinking water is an easy way to maintain the moisture of the skin, but obviously, if it is not possible to drink a lot of water, then choosing the right food can be important in this regard.

Certain foods are beneficial for skin health and retain moisture.

Learn about some such foods.

sweet potato
Sweet potatoes are available almost everywhere in winter, the benefits of eating this delicious fruit daily are numerous, sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins A and C and both of these vitamins are great for skin health. Vitamin A protects the skin from dryness while Vitamin C increases the amount of collagen, a protein in the body. This protein is important for maintaining the skin’s moisture, elasticity and radiance.

A variety of malts are common this season and this fruit is high in vitamin C, the benefits of which have been mentioned above. Eating malte once a day during winters can help keep the skin healthy.

This green leafy vegetable is also beneficial for the skin. Along with vitamins K and C, it also contains potassium, a nutrient important for protecting the entire body, including the skin, from dehydration.

The amount of protein in fish is quite high while Omega 3 fatty acids are also available to the body. These fatty acids balance the oil content of the skin and retain moisture. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help prevent nail acne, while the vitamin D in it also helps protect the skin from inflammation and dryness.

Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, which plays an important role in maintaining skin moisture. Along with moisturizing the skin, almonds also provide the body with various proteins and other nutrients.

Kidney of cow
Celery is rich in vitamin A which protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun while retaining moisture.

Red capsicum
Red capsicum is also a good source of vitamin C and the benefits of this vitamin have been mentioned above.

green tea
This hot drink is also beneficial for skin health as its use helps in preventing dry skin and other problems. Drinking green tea increases the amount of collagen in the skin, a protein that maintains skin elasticity and moisture while reducing oxidative stress.

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