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For the first time, hundreds of Pakistani Hindus will be able to immerse the ashes of their deceased relatives in the Ganges river, which is considered holy in India.

Prime Minister Modi fulfilled the great wish of Pakistani Hindus
Prime Minister Modi fulfilled the great wish of Pakistani Hindus


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This will be the first time that Pakistani Hindus will immerse the ashes (ashes and bones) of their 426 deceased relatives in the Ganges River in the Hindu religious city of Haridwar in India. The last rites of these deceased Hindus have been performed in Pakistan. Their bones and ashes are kept in ‘Kalash’ (urns) in Hindu Mandas and crematoriums.

According to Hinduism, if these ashes are immersed in the river Ganga at Hardwar, their souls will reach ‘Sorga’ (Heaven) and they will also get ‘Moksha’ (liberation from the cycle of rebirth).

Sponsorship Policy Amendment

Until now, no Pakistani Hindu pilgrim was allowed to enter India without a sponsor. And a Pakistani Hindu could bring his deceased relative’s ashes to the river Ganges to wash them only when a relative or acquaintance living in India took responsibility for it. Since most Pakistani Hindus have no relatives in India, it was difficult to fulfill the last wish of the deceased person.

The Modi government has amended the sponsor policy, under which now any relative of a Pakistani Hindu deceased can come to India on a 10-day visa and wash his ashes in the Ganga river. In this way, a great and last wish of Pakistani Hindus is being fulfilled.

This initiative is taking place at a time when relations between Pakistan and India have been tense since 2019, even mutual trade has been stopped. The situation is such that it is almost impossible for citizens of each other’s country to get a visa. According to Pakistani media reports, Pakistani Hindus have appreciated the amendment in the sponsorship policy and the initiative of the Indian government.

Ram Nath, in-charge of Shri Panjmukhi Hanuman Mandir in Soldier Bazar in Karachi, expressed happiness over the development, saying, “They have given us a very good news that the terms of sponsorship have been removed. Bharti High A ten-day visa will be issued by the commission to the relatives of the deceased.”

He said that fulfilling the last wish of their loved ones is the fundamental right of every Pakistani Hindu and India has done a great job by recognizing it.

Ram Nath said that this will be the third time when the ashes of Hindus will be taken from Pakistan to India, but it will be different from the previous one as this time the family of each deceased will take the ashes to Hardwar and immerse them in the blessed river Ganga.

According to reports, between 2011 and 2016, the remains of 295 Hindus from Pakistan reached India through the Wagah border. Most of the Hindus in Pakistan have preserved the ashes of their loved ones in various temples in the hope that one day they will get a chance to go to India and wash them in the river Ganges.

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