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It is quite natural to feel sad or depressed at times, but if this irritability persists on a daily basis, it can be a symptom of a disease like depression.

But the question is how to identify a person after suffering from depression?

In fact, there are some specific symptoms of depression that many people are unable to recognize and end up suffering from more serious disorders.

Depression severity is associated with symptoms beyond sadness or self-pity that may persist for at least 2 consecutive weeks and interfere with daily life.

Knowing these signs will definitely be beneficial for you.

The main symptoms of depression are sadness in mood and loss of interest in life. Activities that were previously enjoyable lose their appeal, and patients may develop feelings of remorse or unnaturalness, loss of hope, and thoughts of death or suicide.

Physical symptoms
Fatigue and lack of physical energy. Insomnia, especially early morning awakening. Too much sleep. Persistent pain, headache, muscle stiffness or digestive problems that are not relieved by treatment.

The intensity of medical diseases also starts to feel more due to depression.

Do not feel hungry
A change in appetite or weight loss is also a prominent sign of depression, some patients may have an increased appetite while others find it difficult to eat anything. Such people may also experience excessive weight loss or gain.

Everyday life is affected
If left untreated, physical and emotional problems can destroy jobs, hobbies, and relationships with loved ones. People with depression often have difficulty concentrating and making decisions, withdraw from their favorite activities, and in severe cases, depression can be life-threatening.

Warning signs of suicide
People with depression are at high risk for attempted suicide, warning signs include talking about death or suicide, threatening to harm people, or exhibiting aggressive or risk-taking behavior.

Which people are at risk?
Anyone can develop depression, but most experts believe that genes also play a role. It is twice as likely in women.

Causes of Depression
Medical experts are not clear about the exact causes of depression, but they think it may be due to changes in brain structure and chemical functions. Brain circuits that regulate mood are less efficient during depression. The drugs used for treatment are believed to improve the communication between nerve cells and help them to normalize. Experts also believe that losing a loved one can trigger depression, as can certain medications, alcohol, drugs, hormonal changes, and seasonal changes.

Moods change with the seasons
If your mood is consistent with the seasons, i.e. happy in the summer and sad in the winter, it may be a type of depression, also known as seasonal depression or SAD. According to experts, 3 to 20 percent of people worldwide are affected by it.

Birth of a child
1 in 4 mothers are likely to experience depression after childbirth, which is a very low mood, also known as postpartum depression, and its symptoms are similar to those of depression, but The health of the child may be affected as the mother starts neglecting its care.

Depression in children
There are no statistics in this regard in Pakistan, but in the US, 2% of school students are affected by it, while one in every 10 young people is affected by this disease. Such a child or young person’s ability to play is affected, it becomes difficult to make friends while not completing academic work, its symptoms are similar to depression in adults, but children also show signs of anger or risk-taking. Although it can occur, it is usually difficult to diagnose in children.

How is the diagnosis made?
Although there are many laboratory tests for depression, clinicians rely on the patient’s symptoms to make an accurate diagnosis. It helps to know. Discussing mood swings, behaviors, and daily activities also helps determine the severity and type, as this helps determine effective treatment.

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