Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Pakistan has full right to defend itself against terrorism, spokesperson of the US Department of…

Washington (Daily Pakistan Online) Spokesperson of the US Department of State, Ned Price, says that Pakistan is aware of the statements of National Security, that it is Pakistan’s right to defend against terrorism.

According to the private TV channel “Dunya News”, the spokesman of the US State Department, Ned Price, said during the news conference that the people of Pakistan suffered a lot from the terrorist attacks, Afghanistan should not become a launching pad for terrorism, it should be ensured that the Afghan soil is not a terror. Do not use for bullying.

Ned Price said that they are closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and are also evaluating what steps should be taken against the decisions of the Taliban. The spokesman said that they are committed to the improvement of the Afghan people. Not doing so, NGOs and especially women should be allowed to work in Afghanistan. He added that the US and its allies should react to the decisions of the Taliban, G7 and other countries have also expressed concern. .

Ned Price said that we are evaluating what measures can be taken against the decisions of the Taliban, the spokesperson of the US State Department warned that they have already said that a response will be given by the US.

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