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In an Indian flight, a demonic person behaved with an elderly woman in such an indecent manner…

New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) In the Air India flight coming from America to India, a demonic person did such an act that it is hard to believe. According to the Times of India, the flight was coming from New York to New Delhi, in which the man was traveling in business class with an elderly woman in her 70s sitting in the seat next to him.

On the way, the man made an indecent act of getting naked in front of the elderly woman and urinating on her. Moreover, the man was not questioned when the flight landed in New Delhi and he left happily. According to the report, the elderly woman informed the staff about the man’s movement during the flight. No action was taken by the staff in the flight and the accused was not handed over to the police after reaching New Delhi.

A letter has been written by the woman to Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran demanding an inquiry into the incident. The woman wrote, “Air India’s staff let me down. I have suffered severe mental stress due to this man’s behavior. The staff did not take any action against the person when I complained. The man stood naked in front of me for a long time but the staff did not remove him.

A fellow passenger eventually told the man to move, the woman wrote, to which he sat down in his seat. His urine soaked my clothes, shoes and bag. The airhostess sprayed my bag and shoes to deodorize and the crew gave me pajamas and a shirt which I put on in the toilet and took off my clothes. I sat in the toilet for 20 minutes because my heart stopped working. I had to go back and sit on my seat.

A statement issued by Air India said that they have started an investigation into the incident and are in constant contact with the victim. The incident has also been reported to the police.

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